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Annual General Meeting, approval of all resolutions

PAREF Annual General Meeting: all resolutions adopted by a very large majority

The Annual General Meeting of PAREF Group shareholders was held this morning, Thursday May 19, 2022 in Paris in the 8th arrondissement, under the chairmanship of Mr. Antoine Castro, Chairman and CEO of the Group.

The quorum was established at 84.93%. All the resolutions proposed by the Board of Directors were adopted by a very large majority.

This meeting was an opportunity to present and discuss with the shareholders the first transformation sequence of PAREF over the period 2017-2021, to take stock of the Group’s commercial success and financial position. The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer also discussed the future outlook until 2024, as well as the strengthening and extent of the implementation of the Group’s social and environmental responsibility (CSR).

« We welcome this return to a meeting with shareholders. They were able to confirm the quality of management and supported the proposal to pay the highest dividend in the history of PAREF, at €4.70 per share. »

« This General Meeting completes the efforts of the employees and partners of the PAREF Group: we are pursuing our development strategy in order to increase the institutionalization of PAREF, in particular with an even more ambitious ESG policy. »

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