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Franklin tower: VMware renews its confidence in PAREF

VMware renews its confidence in PAREF

On March 3, the company VMware – leader in multi-cloud services for all types of application – chose to once again place its trust in the PAREF Group by renewing the lease of its French head office located on the 30th floor of the Tour Franklin at Defense.

This operation reflects PAREF’s desire to maintain close and lasting collaborative ties with its tenants. Renewed confidence, a guarantee of asset security, is a strong marker for the Asset Management teams who are committed to supporting their clients.

« We are delighted with the conclusion of the agreement reached between our structures and the trust granted by VMware, a leading technological player. This transaction also demonstrates the agility of the PAREF teams in managing the Group's rental issues. We particularly thank Stéphane Coutangt, Workplace Senior Manager – SEMEA, for the quality and fluidity of our exchanges. »

As part of this operation, VMware was advised by FIELDFISHER.

As a reminder, the PAREF Group owns, through its SIIC, 6 floors of the Tour Franklin. All of the surfaces are leased to leading tenants.

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