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Our PAREF 4 GOOD solidarity program

PAREF 4 GOOD: Together for a Sustainable Future through Solidarity Engagement 

At PAREF, we believe in the power of solidarity engagement to build a sustainable future. That’s why we are proud to introduce our PAREF 4 GOOD program. This initiative embodies our values and commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. 

A Quick Look at PAREF 4 GOOD  

PAREF 4 GOOD is more than just a program. It is a declaration of our commitment to a better world where solidarity and sustainability are at the heart of our actions. Our program allows each Parefner to engage with one or more associations, dedicating a day of work each year to volunteer activities. 

Summer 2023: A Fresh Start for Solidarity Engagement 

This summer, our teams were full of enthusiasm and ready to make a significant contribution. Our activities primarily supported three of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): 

Sustainable Cities and Communities: 

Our Milan team mobilized to support Agrivis, a social agricultural cooperative dedicated to employing disadvantaged individuals, including those with disabilities, and those in social vulnerability. They participated in harvesting activities and worked in Agrivis’ food laboratory. 

Responsible Consumption and Production: 

In Paris, our fund analysts and investment teams contributed to a cleanup mission as part of the “La Fabrique du P.R.É” project at the Ferme du Bonheur, an association dedicated to experimental agriculture, social action, education, and training. 

Everyday Solidarity Engagement: Cleaning for a Cleaner Paris! 

On September 17th, our finance team demonstrated notable commitment. On the occasion of World Cleanup Day, they rallied for a street cleaning operation in Paris, with a well-deserved stop at the beautiful Parc Monceau. The result of their collective efforts is impressive: over 500 cigarette butts, 35 bottle caps, 15 plastic bottles, 5 transportation tickets, 2 kg of glass, 0.5 kg of cardboard/paper, and nearly 1 kg of non-recyclable waste were removed from our streets. Every action matters, and we take pride in playing our part in creating a cleaner and healthier Paris.  

The Commitment Doesn’t Stop Here! 

We believe that every action counts, and our employees have no intention of stopping here. Many more solidarity actions are in the pipeline, ready to be implemented. 

Stay tuned to follow our upcoming initiatives !

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