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PAREF Group Commits to Energy Sobriety

As a major player in real estate,PAREF has always been aware of its crucial role in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Today, we are proud to announce our formal commitment to energy sobriety by signing a collective initiative aimed at reducing our environmental impact while promoting energy efficiency and the well-being of our occupants.

Our engagement is in line with the persuit of our ESG strategic plan “Create More”.We do believe that innovation, collaboration, and the pursuit of sustainable solutions are essential for building a better future. This commitment to energy sobriety marks an important step in our journey towards more environmentally responsible real estate management.

The energy sobriety charter that we have signed with the Ministry of Ecological Transition reflects our values and our dedication to a greener future. We are dedicated to reduce our energy consumption, implementing concrete actions to enhance the energy efficiency of our buildings, and sharing our experiences and best practices with other industry stakeholders.

Together, we will contribute to achieving the objectives of reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption while creating a healthier and more sustainable environment for all.

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