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PAREF is committed to the environment

As the building sector responsible for 39% of global carbon emissions, the role of real estate in the climate transition is crucial and highly urgent.

In 2018, PAREF group began to reflect on its responsibility to society with the initial objectives defined on ESG. Today, the group takes its ESG journey to the next level thanks to its structured and robust ESG strategy at all levels of its organization.
The signature of the PAREF group « More than Real-Estate » indicates this ambition to always do more, and to excel in order to better serve its customers, shareholders and the community by being a responsible and committed group.

“Create MORE” is therefore the result of reflection on the importance and need for a responsible approach as a 360° real estate pioneer. It is fully in line with the group’s business strategy and supports its sustainable growth and value creation for stakeholders. Thus, the group integrates ESG into all its business and existing processes.

The Group ESG strategy has three pillars : REgenerate Nature, REunite People, REinforce Community, that contributes to 12 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations.

It relies on solid ESG governance, an ESG committee within the board of directors which will be made up of experts and consultants specializing in CSR, sustainable finance and real estate. The group is a signatory to the UN PRI and UNGC.

Without oxygen, there is no life on earth!
Furthermore, scientists estimate that 50 to 80% of oxygen production on Earth comes from the ocean. Indeed, the oceans play a crucial role because they help capture the carbon dioxide present in the air and transform it into oxygen.

By preserving the oceans, we act not only on the marine ecosystem, but also on the Earth’s atmosphere.

Soon 937 million tons of plastic in the oceans!
The World Economic Forum predicts that the oceans could contain nearly 937 million tons of plastic and only 895 million tons of fish by 2050. This scenario is terrifying!
This pollution is responsible for the disappearance of many species and jeopardizes the natural reserves necessary for the preservation of our species.

Safeguarding life in all its forms is therefore urgent and requires involvement of each of us.

There is No planet B!
As part of our ESG commitment, we are joining our forces with Surfrider Foundation Europe, in partnership with United Heroes, by taking part in the first inter-company movement for the environment in Europe: No planet B.

For two weeks, from June 3 to 19, PAREF employees “the Parefners” will be mobilized to support and promote the action of Surfrider Foundation Europe.

The high point of this collective action will be held on June 8, on the occasion of World Environment and Ocean Day. Our teams – in France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany – will participate in a major waste collection.

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