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PAREF obtains a score of 94/100 for its professional equality index in 2022, a very good improvement compared to 2021. 

Index, out of 100 points, is made up of 4 to 5 indicators: 

  • The gender pay gap,
  • The distribution gap of individual increases,
  • The difference in the distribution of promotions (only in companies with more than 250 employees),
  • The number of employees increased on their return from maternity leave,
  • Parity among the 10 highest salaries.

The Economic and Social Unit (UES) of the PAREF Group is made up of three companies:  


The results of the indicators are as follows:

The promotion of balanced diversity between women and men with equal skills, strongly anchored in the values of the PAREF Group, continues to be part of our objectives. Today, our ambition is to consolidate and maintain the commitment already existing within the Group in favor of professional equality between men and women.

This objective requires, in particular, equal treatment in hiring.

The PAREF Group recalls that all positions open to recruitment are accessible, without distinction, to women and men and the PAREF Group applies the principle of non-discrimination in hiring. The selection of candidates is solely based on the skills, the experiences, the professional skills and know-how.

The declaration of the index of professional equality between women and men for the year 2023 under the 2022 data reinforces this ambition with an overall score of 94/100.

The results relate to a representative sample of the HR policies within the PAREF Group implemented to support the development of the activity and the growth of the teams.

The pay gap was one of the two indicators for which measures were put in place in 2022. The latter, in favor of women, was the result of variable pay prorated over the year due to their arrival during the chosen reference period (01/01/2021-31/12/2021). We are now proud to display a score of 39/40 for this indicator.

The second indicator on which the PAREF group has reinforced its policy concerns salary increases upon return from maternity leave. The score obtained was 0/15 despite a salary increase of 50% for employees on their return from maternity leave. To obtain the maximum score, 100% of employees must be affected by the salary increase.

Compliance with the legal obligation of salary increases equal to the general increases and the average of the individual increases received during the absence of the employee on maternity leave was also the key element of the measures put in place.

This year, all the employees concerned benefited from a salary increase. The PAREF Group now has a score of 15/15 for this indicator.

The indicator linked to increases and promotions also obtains a score of 35/35 with a balance between women and men who have benefited from either a raise or a promotion.

Finally, the indicator relating to the 10 highest salaries is 5/10. Currently 7 of the 10 highest salaries at PAREF concern women.

The PAREF group has been able to comply with the corrective measures set for 2021, even beyond expectations and objectives.  

In addition, the differences being favorable to women, who are present in greater numbers in the company, the HR Department in charge of Group recruitment applies a increased vigilance for equal pay for similar profiles in professional seniority and/or similar background.



The PAREF Group tends to maintain such a good score, thanks in particular to the development of its HR policies in terms of recruitment and remuneration.  

The Group will continue to promote equal treatment between women and men, key issues within the Group, which is part of its corporate culture, in the same way as diversity and respect.

To maintain our objectives (minimum achievement of a score of 90/100), we are part of a continuous improvement and prevention approach, with the establishment of preventive and corrective actions can overcome to inequalities, whatever they may be. 

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