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The Group conducted a complete materiality analysis in 2021. It has identified the material issues of its stakeholders. An impact analysis has helped to determine the strategic areas of sustainability for the Group and to establish a clear roadmap.

What is the purpose of the materiality matrix?

The materiality matrix is a starting point in the development of the ESG strategy and the SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) approach. It allows us to bring together in a single tool the evaluation of the level of importance of key sustainable development issues for the company by comparing the expectations of all stakeholders (employees and members of the Executive Committee).
The materiality matrix was used to rank the 23 ESG issues identified for PAREF according to their level of priority on one hand, and according to their level of impact on the other.
This process of identifying material ESG issues for PAREF aims to comply with French regulations on the declaration of extra-financial performance (DPEF), even though PAREF is not currently subject to them.

The materiality matrix of the PAREF Group covers three categories: Environment, Social / Society, and Governance.