Our material issues

• Ensure the well-being (physical and psychological) and comfort of occupants in and around their workplaces.
• Ensure the safety of occupants (intrusion prevention, material strength, fire resistance, etc.).
• Implementing measures to protect the health of occupants (building hygiene, air quality, lighting, soundproofing).
• Provide occupants with a range of services (restaurants, sports facilities, proximity to transportation, etc.).

Our actions

Surfrider foundation

The Group is a partner of the Surfrider Foundation Europe association. Within this framework, the employees participated in the inter-company challenge No Planet B, and collected waste in the streets of Paris, Milan, Frankfurt and Zurich during the world Ocean Day.

World Vision

PAREF joins forces with the Vision du Monde association to support its projects. We support the drinking water access project in two schools in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The project spans 9 months and will benefit nearly 1,500 children.Clean water, adequate toilets and good hygiene are essential for the healthy development of children. 

In Cambodia, 6 out of 10 primary schools do not have access to drinking water and basic sanitation facilities. The lack of drinking water within schools is a major obstacle to children's education. It is estimated that 227 million school days are lost each year worldwide due to water-related diseases.