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Reunite people

So that every Parefner can live CSR on a daily basis. Our environment is constantly changing, the world of work is evolving and so are expectations of the company. Convinced that the success of its ESG strategy cannot be achieved without the commitment of its employees, PAREF has put in place an action plan aimed at the well-being of its employees.

Our commitments

Our challenges


  • Provide a quality working environment (accessibility, air quality, ergonomics, noise levels).
  • Ensure health and safety in the workplace (social protection, prevention of psychosocial risks).
  • Ensure a good work-life balance.
  • Encourage collaborative work…

Our actions

Diversity at Work

Professional equality Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to the Group. PAREF is committed to treating everyone equally, whatever their gender, culture, origin, sexual orientation, political or religious beliefs. PAREF is 53% female, including 5 women on the Executive Committee, and has a workforce of more than 10 different nationalities.


Parity and gender equality

Gender equality in the workplace is a fundamental principle of our corporate culture.
Anne Schwartz, our Managing Director, and Audrey Genovese, Head of Human Resources and the Group’s gender equality officer, signed the Charter of Commitment to Gender Parity and Equality in the Real Estate Sector.
This charter symbolises our determination to promote gender equality at all levels of our organisation. It aims to establish fair practices in recruitment, promotion, training and remuneration.

Raising awareness of ESG issues

Most PAREF Group teams receive one hour of training on an ESG-related topic during the year. In addition, all employees have at least one ESG-related objective.
The Property Management and Asset Management departments took part in the Climate Fresco during an inter-departmental workshop.