Our material issues

• Providing high-quality work environment (accessibility, air quality, ergonomics, sound levels).
• Ensuring health and safety at work (social protection, prevention of psychosocial risks).
• Allowing a good work-life balance.
• Encouraging collaborative work

Our actions

Diversity at Work

Diversity and inclusion are one of the Group’s fundamental values. 
PAREF is committed to treating all employees equally, regardless of their gender, culture, origin, sexual orientation, political or religious convictions. PAREF is composed of 53 % of women including 6 women on the Management Committee, as well as more than 10 different nationalities in its workforce.

Breakdown of workforce

Well being at work

The flexible working spaces have been designed to encourage interaction between the various departments. Everyone is free to work wherever they want in the workplace. In addition to the flex-office, a telecommuting policy allows each employee to work remotely 2 days a week.
The office layout has been designed so that natural light prevails over artificial lighting in all spaces.
Regular team-building activities are offered as well as sports activities, webinars on stress management, and office massage sessions.

Raising awareness of esg issues

In 2022, all PAREF team members received at least one hour of training and workshop on an ESG-related topic which is almost 130 hours of training (in 2021, the employees received in total 509 hours of training).