Senior Fund Manager


Within the Funds & Investment Management department, you work on diversified funds (offices, retail, logistics, residential and hotel). In this context, your mission will be:

Fund management: creation, development and management of investment vehicles

  • You will participate in the structuring of new regulated or unregulated real estate vehicles/funds.
  • You will participate in the drafting of marketing, commercial and legal documentation to be adapted according to the target clientele, market analyses, prospective visions, investment strategies, structuring, performance objectives, etc.;
  • For existing funds, you will ensure that the overall strategy of the fund is in line with the interests of investors: you will be able to manage the performance of the fund (Business Plan of the vehicle), define the strategy to preserve / improve the performance and the income of the funds;
  • Define the investment strategy and implement it by working with the property management teams, consolidate all the data from other departments and work in collaboration with the "support" teams in order to monitor performance indicators and produce a quality regular and ad hoc reporting to investors;
  • Perform portfolio return and valuation analysis to track and project fund performance by establishing and/or maintaining models of funds under management with return and distribution projections;
  • Monitor cash flow, including review and approval of capital calls, subscriptions and redemption requests as well as distributions, ensuring alignment with documentation and financial strategy;
  • Maintain a detailed knowledge of the various elements of the documentation and the structuring of vehicles, ensuring that appropriate governance is maintained;
  • Ensure the relationship with investors (institutional) and coordinate the organization and participate in quarterly, annual or exceptional meetings with prescribers (SCPI).


Investments: in connection with all departments and the many external advisers (brokers, notaries, lawyers, technical auditors, etc.)

  • Participate in the sourcing of real estate deals (via brokers, business contributors, market participants, etc.);
  • Analyze the products concerned (all asset classes) in France and in Europe, in order to assess the suitability of the defined strategies and to measure the levels of risk (financial, legal, real estate);
  • Carry out market studies, analyze the legal (lease, easements, etc.), technical and financial situation and model possible valuation strategies;
  • Write the letter of offer, monitor all of the acquisition files and ensure information feedback, analyze the data room of the selected projects;
  • Prepare the investment file and write the proposal that will be submitted to the PAREF Gestion investment committee (drafting of a summary note),
  • Once the projects have been selected by the committee, conduct the transaction until the transfer of ownership: due diligence, financing, management of external service providers and internal services, negotiation of deeds, etc.;
  • Report regularly to management and the investment committee on the progress of each transaction and obtain final agreements before the signing of deeds.


Candidate profile:

Higher education bac+5 of Grande Ecole type or Master specialized in Real Estate, you know the sector of real estate and financial investment products, including debt markets and have already had the opportunity to demonstrate your know-how. to do in terms of fund management and the acquisition of real estate assets.

You have strong analytical and quantitative skills, as well as the ability to quickly interpret complex real estate and financial data.

You are rigorous, dynamic and have clear and reliable written and oral communication, in French and in English. Initiative, team spirit and passion for the job will be decisive.

Operationally, you master office tools, particularly Excel and Power Point.


Location: Paris 8