A subsidiary owned at 100% by PAREF, this company notably offers all services to institutional investors for property management in France and continental Europe. In line with the Group's strategy, PAREF Investment Management has expertise across the entire real estate value chain: investment, asset management, property management, development / restructuring, finance, legal, management control / reporting, marketing / communication. PAREF Investment Management, combined with the capabilities of the management company PAREF Gestion, has the necessary resources to manage all formats of asset holding and management vehicles, whether regulated or not.

The medelan

PAREF IM is managing the restructuring of the “The Medelan” building located in Milan on behalf of the Fidelidade insurance company. This mixed-use asset covers nearly 55,000 m² in the historic city center of Milan and will offer the best market standards, particularly from an environmental point of view, with the Leed Platinium certificate.


PAREF Investment Management manages the assets of the “Trade” offices, located in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. The building, with an area of 29,000 m², whose delivery is scheduled for 2025, is managed by the PAREF Group on behalf of the insurance company Fidelidade.