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Property management

Operational excellence in property management

Optimal and environmental

Our Property Management service is the cornerstone of optimal management of your real estate assets. We are committed to providing meticulous rental, administrative and financial management, including monitoring rents, managing receivables and coordinating service contracts.

Our team ensures compliance with contractual and legislative obligations, making sure that each building is up to date with current regulations.

We also take charge of the technical management of the property, drawing up accurate expense budgets and planning medium-term maintenance work. We pay close attention to energy performance and compliance with environmental standards, with the aim of enhancing the value of our assets by obtaining eco-responsible certifications and improving ESG indicators.

Innovation is at the heart of our approach, as demonstrated by our adoption of the ALTAÏX digital tool, which has transformed our property accounting into a digitalised, secure and efficient process. From the dematerialisation of receipts to the automation of budget monitoring, we offer you transparent and modern management, ensuring the long-term future and value of your property investment.

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AS OF december 31, 2023
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Property Management Director

« Our Property Management team stands out for its diversity and dynamism. Our Property Managers are multi-skilled in all asset classes and have a perfect knowledge of portfolios. We focus our management on the key challenges of our business, namely managing the energy and environmental transition, digitalization and data conservation. »

Asset types


Our office space management solutions combine operational efficiency and an optimal working environment, meeting the needs of modern businesses.


PAREF’s residential properties offer quality, comfort and security to meet the varied needs of tenants and owners.


We manage strategically located retail spaces, aiming to maximize their attractiveness and profitability, while ensuring an exceptional shopping experience.


Our logistics management solutions focus on efficiency and flexibility, to support dynamic supply chains and meet market demands.


PAREF manages hotels with a focus on service excellence, comfort and customer experience, contributing to the success of these assets.


Our vacation villages are designed to offer memorable stays, with management focused on service quality, varied activities and customer well-being.

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