As a pioneer in real estate with a 360° vision, our ambition is to support all our clients in the growth of their investments. We capitalise on the savoir-faire of our employees, all of whom are driven by a genuine culture of challenge, team spirit and open-mindedness.

Are you ambitious? Do you like to take on challenges? Do you want to share and develop your expertise? Join us!




We encourage a spirit of mutual support and collaboration, a commitment to common objectives for our employees and partners.


We favour employees who express themselves, meet to share their expertise and knowledge, for ever greater openness and transparency.


Operational excellence is the very core of our DNA. Our expertise, responsiveness and discipline have enabled us to maintain a relationship of trust with our clients for many years.


We seek to enhance the value of employees, fostering their development by providing the best possible tools and efforts to develop their full potential.

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« Our primary objective is to satisfy our underwriters and partners. The personalized relationship we create strengthens the bond of trust we have with them. It makes us want to surpass ourselves and always do better! »
Associate Services
The Associate Service is the heart of a management company. It guarantees an effective and trustworthy relationship with partners, underwriters and distribution networks. Customer satisfaction is key to the concerns of the associated service and guarantees the sustainability of the management company.
« The team's added value begins in the post-acquisition phase and extends to the effective transfer of mature assets. At PAREF, the diversity of assets and their geographical distribution require versatility and adaptability. As true conductors, our asset managers manage the entire business chain necessary to create value. »
Asset Management
The Asset Manager optimises and enhances the value of the assets under management. They analyse and diagnose assets in order to identify valuable deposits. Their aim: to move assets upmarket by revitalizing them, to be the instigator of work to enhance, renovate or even restructure buildings. They are also able to implement transfer scenarios with the selection of consultancies, marketing, and due diligence up to signing the transaction.

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We devoted great attention to our Parisian offices, ideally located in the heart of Paris and its urban fabric, between office, housing and shops.


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